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CBT for Cancer Therapist Clare
Clare Reed,
CBT for Cancer Therapist

CBT During Cancer Treatment

CBT for Cancer really comes into its own during Cancer treatment.  Whether you have a really long road ahead and varying treatments to undertake, or if it is going to be a short treatment trip on the Cancer rollercoaster, CBT will help you every step of the way

Pre & Post Cancer Treatment Operations

Some diagnosis require pre-treatment operations and others can be at the end of treatment such as after chemotherapy.  Facing an operation you didn’t elect to have, but have to have, is quite a shock to the system.  Particularly if it is pre-treatment, as there is normally not a lot of time for you to prepare mentally for it.  Fortunately, CBT for Cancer techniques are fast acting and you can have a couple of sessions before the operation and really avail of the benefit.  Keeping calm and relaxed is key to a successful operation, as well as going into an operation in the best physical shape you can, even with short notice, is imperative. Behavioural techniques really help to get your lifestyle improved fast for this.

For those of you whose post treatment operations take place at the end of an arduous trek through chemotherapy it can seem like the last straw.  Chemotherapy can be debilitating and the thoughts of enduring pain and recovery from an operation can take its toll, particularly if you haven’t been able to keep mentally strong through treatment.  CBT for Cancer techniques used all the way through treatment can have you mentally tougher at the end and ready to face one more hurdle on the cancer journey.

Physical Alterations Anxiety and Self-esteem

If you are having an operation to treat Cancer, that will alter your body shape on the outside, I know this can have a negative effect on self-esteem and confidence.  I had a partial mastectomy and understand what it is like to look in the mirror and not recognise my chest!  The scarring can also take some time to heal and fade.  If you are struggling with Cancer induced low self-esteem and anxiety during this change and wondering how you are going to deal with it let me help you get to know the new you and take back your self-confidence and grow.  CBT for Cancer is great at tackling those horrible negative thoughts like, ‘I’m not attractive anymore’, ‘How will I date someone looking like this?’, ‘My partner will leave me.’, ‘I can’t have sex naked looking like this’, these are some examples of my client’s thoughts they have disclosed to me over the years and these nasty thoughts are truly self-esteem shattering if left to their own devices.


CBT during Chemotherapy

CBT during chemotherapy is very effective. There are so many chemotherapy drugs and so many different side-effects that can happen to you that chemotherapy can be quite disruptive as well as debilitating.  It can also seem like a very long slog if you are on an intensive programme of weekly sessions.  The worst part of chemotherapy is the side effects of Cancer treatment, the nausea, tiredness, aches and pains, sores, taste changes  etc.  People around you can also get tired too and all in all it is a group effort sometimes to get through this.  Support is essential for good mental well being and stamina.  So many people drop out of chemotherapy, as it is too much mentally and physically for them. But if you want to see it through and are struggling I am able to provide you with great support, coaching and wonderful CBT for Cancer techniques to help you through it all.

Various chemotherapy drugs can also say goodbye to hair, useful if you are spending a lot on leg waxes but not great if the hair on your head is a distinguishing feature that makes up your persona.  I had long blonde hair that I prized like a lion before chemo. When it came to shaving it off, I had my partner take it off for me (we made it fun!).  But the first time I looked in the mirror I nearly jumped – I looked like something out of Star Trek!  Fortunately, I am not defined by my hair and though I chose to wear wigs during my client’s sessions it was to not distract my client’s from their therapy, after all they would have worried about me – not a position any therapist wants to be in, in a client/therapist relationship.  Losing hair without planning it is not great for anyone, but it is manageable and temporary. Though I wish the leg hair was permanent! 

CBT during Radiotherapy

CBT during radiotherapy is great for helping with anxiety and motivation. If you are having radiotherapy either on its own or after chemotherapy then it will be an intense period for you and quite disruptive in terms of time, stamina and effort to get to the frequent radiotherapy sessions.  How you manage yourself through this period is vital both mentally and physically.

Cognitive behavioural techniques will help you think differently about yourself and your body and CBT for Cancer is a must if you have any of those nasty thoughts lurking about in your mind.  Who needs those thoughts on top of a cancer operation and harsh treatments! 


Book in today and let’s get started on getting your mind in shape.


Who is CBT for Cancer for?

It is for you if you are newly diagnosed with cancer, going through cancer treatment, or in remission and also for those affected by cancer, if you are a carer, an adult child of someone with cancer (over 18), parent, partner, friend of someone with cancer I am here to help.
The best part is you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home as all my CBT sessions are 1:1, face to face, on Skype. 


CBT for Cancer in a nutshell


CBT is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It helps you with your mental thoughts (cognitions) and your behaviours (actions).  When you are struggling with cancer, at any stage, your mind can be your own worst enemy.


I will teach you techniques and tools to help you regain control of your mind and kick negative and unhelpful thoughts into touch. 


When your body feels like it is letting you down it is easy to give up and not help yourself, cancer can undermine your confidence and self-esteem, leading to sabotaging behaviour.  I will motivate you with actionable techniques and tools to get your body and your actions back onto the achievable life plan you want to lead.  

Sally's Story with CBT for Cancer

My sister had been to Clare for CBT years ago for anxiety and so I knew she had a brilliant reputation with anxiety. When I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2016 I panicked.  I had two young kids to look after and was the breadwinner in the family. I just thought the worst was going to happen and I barely slept for weeks after the diagnosis.  I was exhausted when I had my first session with Clare but at the end of it was reinvigorated.  I went on to have a weekly session with her throughout the whole treatment.  She was my therapist, coach and cheerleader through that time.  The techniques helped enormously and I still use them for day to day things now.  I can't recommend this CBT enough. When she contacted me about her new specialty 'CBT for Cancer' I was overjoyed. Clare is the perfect therapist to help you get through this. Don't think twice about it, you will get so much from it. 

CBT for Cancer Lifestyle

"A new healthy lifestyle is for life not just for Cancer."

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