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"Tell Cancer to move over - a new you is in town!"

CBT for Cancer Therapist Clare
Clare Reed,
CBT for Cancer Therapist

Cancer & Self-esteem CBT

CBT for Cancer is fantastic at helping to improve Cancer self-esteem issues.  I have worked with hundreds of clients on this in the last ten years, with great results for my clients.  But I really think when you have been hit with the Cancer diagnosis it can totally derail you and your inner confidence and self-belief. That’s when CBT for Cancer really comes into its own


I remember with my diagnosis I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  I was 42, healthy, always exercising and to boot a CBT therapist – I wasn’t supposed to be getting Cancer.  It shook me a bit for a week or two, as I cross examined my habits.  Had I been drinking too much wine, had I skipped a few walks and x-trainer sessions? Had I been eating poorly?  I was at a loss.  I couldn’t pinpoint any logical reason.  it took over three weeks after my cancer tumour was removed for my Doctor to diagnose the tumour was TNBC.  It was genetic.  I just had dysfunctional genes!

I know from my own experience that when we start to doubt ourselves we don’t just doubt this one situation, the doubt starts to creep into all areas of life, like work, family and friendships. Paranoia can increase too, along with anxiety.  All producing a triple whammy of bad feelings in our heads. 

Self-esteem needs working on asap after a Cancer diagnosis


To be mentally robust and strong enough to get through your Cancer treatment with some good smiles on your face takes an extraordinary amount of drive and determination.  Both of which are helped by feeling good about yourself, that you can do it


Without self-esteem you will be down on yourself, beating yourself up mentally and not in any mood to take any chemotherapy sessions on, let alone grow to love your body changes and be up for the daily drudgery of radiotherapy visits!  You may withdraw from people, not wanting to socialise as much, or withdraw from your Partner and even kids.  Those who allow self-esteem to plummet and enter the ‘poor me’ zone will become a shell of their former selves and it takes a lot of work to get back to the way you were before, so don’t let it get that far!


CBT for Cancer is great at boosting self-esteem.  I can help you re-frame your situation to look at yourself with a fresh pair of new eyes.  To see yourself in a better light and alleviate the self-doubt using a host of great specialised Cancer cognitive behavioural techniques and tools for self-esteem and confidence, to get you bouncing back from the shock of diagnosis.  I will help turbo charge your inner drive and keep the doubting voice at bay.  Don’t hesitate, as once you start spiraling down it will become harder.  Get working on this today and I promise you all my support and attention to get you on track.


Who is CBT for Cancer for?

It is for you if you are newly diagnosed with cancer, going through cancer treatment, or in remission and also for those affected by cancer, if you are a carer, an adult child of someone with cancer (over 18), parent, partner, friend of someone with cancer I am here to help.
The best part is you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home as all my CBT sessions are 1:1, face to face, on Skype


CBT for Cancer in a nutshell


CBT is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It helps you with your mental thoughts (cognitions) and your behaviours (actions).  When you are struggling with cancer, at any stage, your mind can be your own worst enemy.


I will teach you techniques and tools to help you regain control of your mind and kick negative and unhelpful thoughts into touch. 


When your body feels like it is letting you down it is easy to give up and not help yourself, cancer can undermine your confidence and self-esteem, leading to sabotaging behaviour.  I will motivate you with actionable techniques and tools to get your body and your actions back onto the achievable life plan you want to lead.  

Simon's Story with CBT for Cancer

Clare was my CBT therapist for 6 months during my cancer treatment and for a bit afterwards.  I really struggled to communicate with my friends and family about this, I was so embarrassed that at 40 I had cancer.  I was a fitness fanatic and everyone thought of me as 'sporty Simon' then this happened.  I couldn't cope with people fussing over me and I was snappy and argumentative, I lost a friend after a falling out and I just felt my sense of who I am was getting lost, as suddenly I was the guy with cancer.  Clare really helped me with my narrative. Getting me to be in charge of myself again and changing how I communicated with people on this. I know that Cancer did change my outlook on life for the better because it introduced me to CBT and a great way of looking and thinking about things, for that I am really grateful to Clare and know you will be too.

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"A new healthy lifestyle is for life not just for Cancer."

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