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"Don't let the waiting game take over your life!"

CBT for Cancer Therapist Clare
Clare Reed,
CBT for Cancer Therapist

Pre & Post Cancer Diagnosis Anxiety


Most people have Cancer diagnosis anxiety at this stage which is a good time to use my CBT for Cancer techniques, after all It can be one of the most stressful times for a cancer patient.  The first time someone hears the Doctor say, “Hmm, I think we will need to send you for some tests”, puts the ball of fear in the chest and stomach in one second flat, for most people. Particularly if there is a concern it might be cancer.  Though many put a brave, stoic face on it, behind the scenes the mind is whirring faster than an old laptop!  The ‘What ifs’?’, ‘What shall I tell my Partner?’, ‘Should I tell the kids?’, ‘What will happen to me?’  So many doubting negative thoughts arrive at the speed of a jet it’s hard to take stock and think rationally, as fears spiral out of control. 

The worst part is the Cancer diagnosis waiting anxiety, it seems the waiting can take weeks and those weeks are acutely stressful wondering what the outcome is and what will happen next. CBT is recommended for Cancer diagnosis anxiety as it gives your mind some respite and perspective shift to help you not only appear calm on the outside but calmer on the inside.  CBT can help you be a more rational person, after all having tests is not a happy time but it needn’t be a fearmongering, crisis time, either.

Let me help you stay calm during this phase so you can manage yourself well, both in and out of the hospitals and clinics you may have to attend, for the catalogue of tests you may undertake.

Book in for a CBT session as soon as you can and I will help you get through this stage.

Cancer Diagnosis Confirmation Anxiety


Eventually the tests do come to an end. Then you attend your consultant for the results and if you hear the Doctor say, ‘I am sorry, but you have a tumour, you have cancer.’ Your world will feel quite different in an instant.  People react differently with a Cancer confirmation at this time.  Some crumble into a heap of tears.  Others keep the stiff upper lip going and ask the tough questions like how severe it is. Some freeze and don’t know what to say and some react with disbelief and question the test results.  Whichever way you react I am sure inside you are going to be up against a wall of noise from your negative voice telling you all sorts of fearful things that you may even have an anxiety attack.

Cancer diagnosis confirmation is particularly hard.  It’s when your hopes, your fingers crossed, your ‘it will be OK’s’, all evaporate.  It’s hard to take,  knowing that somewhere in your body there is a conspiracy against your health and it must be dealt with.  The worst is that the treatment may not begin for a few more weeks and in those weeks you can get extremely frustrated waiting for the hospital to get you in the door.  After all who wants a potentially growing tumour inside them for any longer, we all want it out asap. Unfortunately with today’s healthcare system, and depending on the tumor type, this isn’t always possible.  This is a period that really harms your composure, and self-belief. At a time when anxiety levels need to be kept low most people’s anxiety become higher than ever. 


There is a very strong correlation between anxiety and tumour development.  It is imperative the body enters into a calmer state and holds back on adrenaline and cortisol rushes. CBT for cancer confirmation anxiety will help you to use cognitive techniques to manage all those horrible negative thoughts. I will provide you with behavioural techniques to help you act with controlled purpose, enabling your physical and mental self to enter into Cancer treatment in its healthiest state possible.

Cancer Treatment Anxiety

Cancer treatment is a time for a roller coaster of emotions, with anxiety being a dominant one.  Thoughts like, 'will it work?', 'I don't know if I can handle the side effects', 'What is the chemotherapy doing to me?', 'What if I get chemo brain?', and many more unhelpful thoughts are typical in your mind during Cancer treatment.  The 'what ifs' are huge at this time.  For treatment to work and be effective, stress, worries and anxiety need to be kept at bay, as much as possible.  I can provide you with powerful Cognitive Behavioral techniques and tools to help you through Cancer treatment anxiety and help your treatment plan be more effective. See my CBT during Cancer treatment programme.

Whatever Cancer phase you are in, don’t wait any longer to book an appointment, book in now and let’s get you in shape for this now.

James's Story with CBT for Cancer

I was referred to Clare by my GP after being diagnosed with Cancer. I was recently divorced, had started a new job and got diagnosed with prostate cancer. I went out of control, my world was turned upside down and I came to Clare as I knew I was ruining any chance I had of beating this.  My GP didn't want to prescribe me with anti-depressants without trying CBT first. 


I am so glad I listened to him! Clare helped me see the wood from the trees and got me to calm down fast and turned my unhealthy comfort eating lifestyle around.  I had 10 sessions with Clare from after being diagnosed and through chemo.  I am pleased to say I am in remission and I strongly advocate for Clare to all my family and friends who get such a diagnosis. She is one in a million. 

Who is CBT for Cancer for?

It is for you if you are newly diagnosed with cancer, going through cancer treatment, or in remission and also for those affected by cancer, if you are a carer, an adult child of someone with cancer (over 18), parent, partner, friend of someone with cancer I am here to help.
The best part is you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home as all my CBT sessions are 1:1, face to face, on Skype


CBT for Cancer in a nutshell


CBT is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It helps you with your mental thoughts (cognitions) and your behaviours (actions).  When you are struggling with cancer, at any stage, your mind can be your own worst enemy.


I will teach you techniques and tools to help you regain control of your mind and kick negative and unhelpful thoughts into touch. 


When your body feels like it is letting you down it is easy to give up and not help yourself, cancer can undermine your confidence and self-esteem, leading to sabotaging behaviour.  I will motivate you with actionable techniques and tools to get your body and your actions back onto the achievable life plan you want to lead.  

CBT for Cancer Lifestyle

"A new healthy lifestyle is for life not just for Cancer."

Check out my Lifestyle for Cancer Programme

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